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Broccoli Cheese Soup

Broccoli Cheese Soup

This Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe is filled with flavour that even your non-Keto family members will want a bowl of this! Soups that use cornflour for consistency are not at all friendly to a person who wants to have keto-friendly meals, without even regretting the fact that ketosis is to be maintained. Broccoli has high …

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Keto Paneer Salad

Keto Paneer Salad

This Keto Paneer Salad is the perfect way to satisfy your Indian cravings in this warm weather. Paneer cheese, sweet peppers, and onions running with a cilantro-mint chutney is a perfection. The recipe is low carb, keto-friendly, gluten-free, grain-free, and sugar-free, what else can you ask for? Paneer itself is one of the best vegetarian …

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Keto Dosa

Keto Paneer Dosa

Our very our breakfast perfect option- the dosa is loved by not just South Indians but by people all over the world. The Keto-friendly version of the same replaces the rice flour for the batter with paneer and grated coconut in it. It is specially made for all south Indian and vegetarian keto dieters out …

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Mughlai Mushroom Malai

Mughlai Mushroom Malai

Mughlai Mushroom Malai is rich, creamy, and delectable curry. Mughlai Mushroom Malai is a perfect side dish, goes well with keto naan, roti, or paratha. This procedure uses Mughlai masalas such as coriander powder, garam masala, and Kasuri methi.   Ingredients 250 gm Button Mushroom 1 Medium Sized Onion Chopped 1 cup Tomato Chopped ¼ …

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Vegetarian Keto Diet

How To Manage A Vegetarian Keto Diet With Martina Slajerova

Are you a vegetarian interested in experiencing the many benefits of a keto diet? Contrary to popular belief, the vegetarian keto lifestyle is definitely doable. The vegetarian keto diet is an eating plan that combines aspects of vegetarianism and keto dieting. Most vegetarians eat animal products like eggs and dairy but avoid meat and fish. …

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Keto Mug Bread

Keto Mug Bread

If you love bread but are following a Ketone balanced Dietary regime, you are going to love this  Keto Mug Bread Recipe! If there’s one clear note about the Ketogenic plan, it’s that you need to avoid carbs…big time but don’t worry we got you covered with this amazing product that is ketosis-friendly, makes sandwiches, …

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Keto Cauli Rice

Keto Cauli Rice

Keto cauli Rice is a healthy, low-carb, grain-free, less starchy replacement for rice. So what is it? It’s simply cauliflower pulsed in a food processor until it forms into granules that are about the size of rice. Is it as good as rice? It’s pretty great for your health too. When it’s seasoned well and …

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Keto Upma

Keto upma

Keto upma is made with cauliflower rice and few vegetables which are a delicious, low carb, gluten-free, a vegetarian keto breakfast dish that can be prepared under 30 minutes. Keto upma is 40% lower in carbs, 25% lower in calories, and more nutrients than the traditional semolina upma version. The taste and texture are no …

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Keto Paneer Butter Masala

Keto Paneer Butter Masala

Keto paneer butter masala is one of the most prominent paneer recipes you can find in an Indian kitchen. Indian Recipes are always full of distinct aromatic spices, and flavors. They fill your mouth with an array of distinct but uniquely complimenting flavours.  Also, many of these recipes are partly already keto-friendly. Almost all curries …

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Low-Carb Tortilla

Low Carb Tortillas

This incredible homemade Low-Carb Tortillas recipe is exactly what you’re been waiting for! This is the best keto tortilla recipe ever! These wraps are gluten-free, grain-free, and a satisfying healthy alternative to higher carb tortillas. These Low-Carb Tortillas are simple to make and require only three ingredients, yet they make delicious wraps for sandwiches and …

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5 Keto Curry Recipes

Keto Vegetable Curry

Who doesn’t love curry? While the following keto we often lean more and more towards eating gravy vegetarian dishes, and this Keto Vegetable Curry will have even meat lovers asking for more. Everyone needs a good vegetable curry recipe in their life. This keto vegan version is a winner guy. Keto Vegetable Curry is full …

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Panee 65

Paneer 65

Paneer 65 is a spicy yet irresistibly delectable munchy prepared by deep-frying spicy paste coated paneer cubes. It has a dry texture and can be served as a starter, appetizer, snack or accompaniment. Unlike paneer Manchurian, paneer 65 does not use soya and chilli sauce to get spiciness; instead, it uses varieties of Indian spices …

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Achari Paneer Tikka

Achari Paneer Tikka

Say goodbye to midweek blues with this undemanding keto-friendly achari paneer tikka recipe! Achari Paneer tikka is a delectable starter made with paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) marinated in an achari (Pickle spices) marinade. This achari paneer tikka recipe is the most well-known vegetarian starter in Punjabi cuisine and is one of the much-needed starter recipes …

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Keto Mushroom Paneer

Keto Mushroom Paneer

Keto Mushroom Paneer recipe is a delicious dish that will make your mouth water and leave you wanting more. This is made using an assortment of vegetables and cottage cheese. Some of the core ingredients are paneer, mushrooms, onions, tomato puree, ginger paste, garlic paste, coriander leaves, red chili powder, garam masala powder, salt, fresh …

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Keto Tawa Paneer

Keto Tawa Paneer

Paneer is the major protein source for most vegetarians on the Keto diet. It’s also pretty effortless to cook at home. Moreover, if for any reason you’re having trouble being able to source paneer then you don’t need to stress, you can easily whip up paneer at home by curdling hot milk using vinegar, yogurt, …

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Keto Paneer Kebab

Keto Paneer Kebab

These Keto Paneer Kebabs are delectable, shallow fried and crispy. Yet they melt in your mouth. These delicious kebabs are seasoned with pickling spices and dry fruits. Best part is, they take merely 15 minutes to cook. These kebabs make for amazing tea-time snacks. They’re spicy, rich, and utterly delicious. Yes! these ‘Keto Paneer Kebab’ …

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Keto Grilled Paneer

Keto Grilled Paneer

Paneer or we cottage cheese is the staple protein source for most vegetarians on the Keto diet. It’s also pretty easy to make at home. This recipe of Keto Grilled Paneer is pretty simple and will help you hit your fat macros and has almost no carbs per serving. Keto Grilled Paneer is something that …

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Keto Creamy Mushroom Soup

Keto Creamy Mushroom Soup – Vegetarian Keto Recipe

The rich Keto Creamy Mushroom soup uses cream cheese to beautifully thicken this delicious soup. These low-carb, high-fat proportions are perfect for a ketogenic lifestyle. So if you’ve been scouring the groceries for the cream of mushroom soup, then you’re in luck. The recipe is easy to make and easy on the carbs. Only 5.6g net …

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Carrot & Cauliflower Pickle

Carrot And Cauliflower Pickle – Vegetarian Keto Recipe

Wondering you will have to give up on your pickle during the keto? Then you are wrong. The quick and easy to make, homemade carrot & cauliflower pickle recipe will surprise you with the lovely crispy Tangy taste you have been craving for. Rich and healthy cauliflower pickle made with salt brine and flavored with …

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Soya Cheese Kebab

Soya Cheese Kebab

Those scrumptious Soya Cheese Kebab which is crispy and delicious are just the right kind of snack to binge on when you’re craving some comfort food while on your keto. It is by far our favorite and quick snack keto recipe made of three easy ingredients, soya, paneer, and cheese. The oh-so flavorsome snack completely …

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Paneer Do Pyaza

Paneer Do Pyaza

Paneer do pyaza is a flavourful and delectable Mughlai dish. It’s a combination of soft succulent cottage cheese and plenty of onions in creamy gravy. Do Pyaza is a delectable Mughlai Creation of Mughal Era. Though the foremost version was made with meat, the vegetarian versions like paneer do pyaza and mushroom do pyaza are …

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Keto Pav Bhaji

Keto Pav Bhaji

Keto Pav bhaji is one of Maharashtra’s most iconic street foods. Bhaji is a fiery mix of finely mashed vegetables topped with a dash of lemon. Pav is a kind of fluffy and butter-toasted bread goes along with bhaji. Here is keto pav bhaji for you in keto style. As we all know, Pav is …

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Paneer Jalfrezi

Paneer Jalfrezi

Paneer Jalfrezi is a simple Indian Vegetarian side dish prepared with paneer, vegetables, and Indian spices. This paneer recipe is made in just 15 minutes and tastes best paired with chapati or paratha but to make it keto-friendly we can pair this amazing recipe of Paneer Jalfrezi with Keto Paratha or Keto roti. Paneer Jalfrezi is …

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Shirataki Rice

Shirataki Rice – low carb ketogenic pasta replacement

It doesn’t matter if it’s your foremost experience with Shirataki Rice, These noodle recipes will help ensure that you never get tired with your healthy eating schedule. Shirataki Rice is increasingly coming out as a well-known low-carb food, ketogenic pasta replacement, but what is the story behind this keto-friendly rice? Shirataki Rice — also known …

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Boost Your Immune System And Fight Coronavirus

Boost Your Immune System And Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Having good nutrition can help you to boost your immune system. There are certain foods that can help if you’re looking for ways to prevent colds, flu, and especially the new Coronavirus disease or COVID-19. COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. The virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva when …

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