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MCT Oil On Keto

MCT Oil On Keto

MCT oil is a supplement that has become popular among athletes and bodybuilders and the Keto dieters. Coconut oil which is high on MCTs has led to its contribution. That is the reason nowadays people prefer MCT Oil On Keto.  As the name suggests, medium-chain triglycerides oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. They …

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Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum

Well, you might know that wallpaper glue and salad dressing have something in common. It’s Xanthan Gum, a food additive that you are unaware of but probably consume many times a week. However, it’s found in many industrial products and has been linked to certain health conditions problems, people are concerned about its safety. But …

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What Made These Keto Practitioners To Get Started On The Keto Diet

Some things are as well established in nutrition science as the immense health benefits of Low-carb and Keto Diet. It supports weight loss, improves acne, reduces the risk of certain cancers, and improves heart health and brain function. But what made some leading practitioners adopt Keto? Martina Slajerova’s Keto Journey: Martina Slajerova is the creator …

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How To Avoid Keto Rash

How To Avoid Keto Rash

Nowadays, many people are interested in and executing the ketogenic diet. As the diet gives great results but some people may experience a keto rash at times. It is important to understand How To Avoid Keto Rash. The Keto diet is a low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet. When the body is deprived of carbs, …

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Keto Mint Cupcakes

Keto Mint Cupcakes

Mint and cakes? The perfect combo is here! These Keto Mint Cupcakes are a chocolate lover’s delight. They are perfect for Christmas Day, or any day for that matter. This is a rich, delicious, low-carb recipe to conquer any apparently voracious sweet tooth! The recipe is slathered with mint frosting and baked with coconut flour. …

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Top 7 Keto Suplements

Top 7 Supplemenst For Keto

The ketogenic diet, which individuals normally call the keto diet, incorporates high-fat foods and not many carbs. This process has many medical benefits. For certain individuals, it is a more powerful weight reduction tool in the long haul than a low-fat eating diet. A few supplements, for example, medium-chain fatty oil (MCT) oil and omega-3 …

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Keto Side Dishes Recipes

Keto Side Dishes Recipes

If you’re following a keto diet, you’ve probably got your go-to lunches and dinners down. But then you probably think of what to serve with keto meals. You know some classic side dishes like potatoes and rice are out. Maybe that’s a bit of a bummer if your life before keto included these carb-heavy sides …

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Vegetarian Keto Diet

How To Manage A Vegetarian Keto Diet With Martina Slajerova

Are you a vegetarian interested in experiencing the many benefits of a keto diet? Contrary to popular belief, the vegetarian keto lifestyle is definitely doable. The vegetarian keto diet is an eating plan that combines aspects of vegetarianism and keto dieting. Most vegetarians eat animal products like eggs and dairy but avoid meat and fish. …

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Types of Keto Diets

Types Of Keto Diets

You must be wondering about what exactly a Keto Diet is, how exactly does it help, and what are the health benefits associated with it? So if you want to know more about the different types of keto diets this is the place for you! Well, here we are, to help you choose the right …

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Keto’s Effect On Cholesterol Ft. Dr. Ken Berry

Several studies have suggested that the keto diet can affect cholesterol levels. When people consume low amounts of carbohydrates, the liver produces fewer triglycerides, which may be involved in raising HDL cholesterol levels and decreasing LDL Cholesterol levels. Let’s look at what Dr. Berry has to say about Keto’s Effect On Cholesterol. Dr. Ken Berry’s …

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Dairy Free Keto Diet

Dairy-Free Keto Diet

More and more people are following a ketogenic diet nowadays. Although low-carb dairy products provide health benefits. If you want to eliminate dairy products you can do a Dairy-Free Keto Diet. If you are allergic or intolerant to dairy products, or you are struggling with lactose or dairy proteins. You should go to Dairy-Free Keto. …

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Jowar: Nutritional Importance And Health Benefits

Jowar is rapidly becoming an ingredient that is gaining rapid popularity due to its properties of being gluten-free and whole grain. Wishing to know what health benefits this godly ingredient carries along? Here we are, with comprehensive nutritional information about Jowar. What is Jowar? In India, Jowar is a staple, especially in the western and …

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Keto’s Effect On Kidney Health With Dr. Ken Berry

Low Carbohydrate diets can be helpful for weight loss and improved health. However, does Ketogenic Diet affect your Kidney Health? This article talks about what Dr. Ken Berry, the author of the bestseller “Lies My Doctor Told Me” has to say. Dr. Ken Berry’s Take Dr. Ken Berry is affiliated with Henry County Medical Center …

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Skimmed Milk

Skimmed Milk 

What Is Skimmed Milk? Skimmed Milk ,when put simply, is the milk that has had most of the butterfat removed and some nutrients added by fortification. So that usually has between 0% and 0.1% fat content. It is also common to hear people call it ‘nonfat’ or ‘fat-free’ milk. And the main difference in the …

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Carbs In Roti

Carbs In Roti

Also referred to as an item that shouldn’t be had on a dietary regime due to its carbohydrate content, many ditch it because they want to reduce its intake. Are you wondering how many Indian flat bread can be eaten in a day? Do you wish to know about the carbohydrates in an Indian flat …

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Fathead Pizza

Fathead Pizza

An easy low carb keto fathead dough pizza. This fathead dough pizza comprises of just 4 ingredients and it’s ready to serve. Fathead pizza is the ultimate keto pizza. It is crispy, chewy, and ready in 20 minutes. What Is Fathead Pizza? Fathead pizza dough is a gluten-free, low carb, and keto dough that is …

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Popcorn and Keto

Popcorn And Keto

Wondering whether your favorite movie time snack- Popcorn can be incorporated into a ketone monitoring dietary regime? Are you curious about the relation between maize and ketones? We’ve got you covered! What is Popcorn? Humans first cultivated maize at least 10,000 years ago, in what is now Mexico. It is a staple food, and the …

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Keto Starbucks Drinks and Snacks

Keto In Starbucks

As word gets out about the keto diet, more places have started offering keto menu options. Starbuck also comes to light. There are plenty of keto Starbucks drinks and snacks you can order without sabotaging your ketosis goals. Keto in Starbucks- Keto  Starbucks Drinks and Snacks 1. Black Coffee, Hot Or Iced  Black coffee is …

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Leg Extensions

Leg Extensions

As the name express, leg extension is an exercise for your leg muscles. Leg extensions are exercises done with a lever machine. You just have to sit on a padded seat and raise a padded bar with your legs. The exercise works mainly on the quadriceps muscles of the front of the thigh—the rectus femoris …

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Keto Quiche

Keto Quiche

A creamy and juicy dish for you is here- “Keto Quiche”! It’s just like a pastry that is delicious and perfect for your keto breakfast. What is Quiche? Quiche is a French tart consisting of a pastry crust filled with savory custard and pieces of cheese, meat, seafood, or vegetables. The well-known variant is quiche …

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Keto Cookies

Keto Cookies Recipes

Just because you’re on a ketogenic diet doesn’t mean you can’t have a treat. And yes, that incorporates low carb keto cookies—even chocolate cookies. It just requires a few creative alternatives to make a baked item that still complies with the diet. Cookies use major two carb sources- flour and sugar but there are keto-friendly …

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Keto Pizza Sauce

Keto Pizza Sauce

Pizzas are love! But on a keto diet? But you can’t consume sauces that you get in markets. As the sauces might contain hidden sugars thus it is important to read labels. You can prepare your own Keto Pizza Sauce and enjoy every bite of your almond flour-based pizza. Keto Pizza Sauce is way too …

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Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves- Nutrional Importance And Health Benefits

The tree of curry is a tropical to sub-tropical tree in the family Rutaceae (the rue family, which includes rue, citrus, and satinwood), and is native to Asia. Tree leaves are used in many dishes in the Indian subcontinent. Often used in curries, the leaves are normally called by the name “curry leaves”, although they are …

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Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts- Health Benefits And Nutritional Importance

Macadamia nuts are nutritional powerhouses. They aids in weight management, healthy skin, and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Studies have also shown that consuming these nuts can help you live a longer, healthier life. There are a lot of health benefits of macadamia nuts. Macadamia nuts are sold as a snack, are …

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Slimming Belts

Slimming Sweat Belt- Does It Really Work?

Overweight is a problem in several directions. First, it changes the way you look and undermines your self-esteem, secondly, it is detrimental to health. There are many ways to lose weight. Obviously, without proper diet and without movement this cannot be achieved, but there are additional methods worth paying attention to. For example, slimming belts …

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Greek Yogurt on Keto

Greek Yogurt On Keto

Greek yogurt has been regarded as a superfood boasting many benefits over recent years. But is it the right choice for those on Ketone monitoring plan? Keep reading, to know whether greek yogurt on keto is a good idea or not.  What is Yogurt? Yoghurt is simply milk or other combinations of dairy products combined …

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