Paridhi Kohli

Paridhi is a major in Food and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University and has a Masters’ in Foods and Nutrition From Panjab University, Chandigarh. She specializes in Nutrition for PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid, Weight Loss and Therapeutic Diets. She worked in clinical dietetics with Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, to closely work with patients and people struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with the not so feasible diet plans. She is also trained in baking which deepens her understanding of food and nutrition . She has been working with Keto India since 2019. She believes that the benefits and results of Keto diet need to be shared with the world and nothing has made her happier than to make people fit everyday. 

Articles By The Author

Keto Saffron Barfi

Keto Saffron Barfi

You see festivals in India are never really whole without sweets. Now because you are on keto, this doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the sweetness. Our personal favorite Keto Saffron Barfi is a great replacement for all those complex calories as it includes a negligible amount of carbohydrates and toils your sweet …

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Keto Mint Cupcakes

Keto Mint Cupcakes

Mint and cakes? The perfect combo is here! These Keto Mint Cupcakes are a chocolate lover’s delight. They are perfect for Christmas Day, or any day for that matter. This is a rich, delicious, low-carb recipe to conquer any apparently voracious sweet tooth! The recipe is slathered with mint frosting and baked with coconut flour. …

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Keto Strawberry Shortcake

Keto Strawberry Shortcake

The utterly delicate and brilliant Keto strawberry shortcake cake has the strawberries baked directly into it. All you need to do is just simply top it with some whipped cream for the ideal low-carb dessert! The simple method is low-carb,  gluten-free, grain-free, without sugar, and healthful. So now you can relish a keto dessert without …

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Keto Malai Peda

Keto Malai Peda

Well you see, Peda is a popular Indian sweet generally made in thick, semi-solid pieces. These originated in the city of Mathura in present-day Uttar Pradesh, India. That does not mean that you have to avoid it if you are on a Keto Diet! Yes, this Keto Malai Peda is a perfect low-carb sweet for …

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Top 7 Keto Suplements

Top 7 Supplemenst For Keto

The ketogenic diet, which individuals normally call the keto diet, incorporates high-fat foods and not many carbs. This process has many medical benefits. For certain individuals, it is a more powerful weight reduction tool in the long haul than a low-fat eating diet. A few supplements, for example, medium-chain fatty oil (MCT) oil and omega-3 …

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Keto Salmon Pie

Keto Salmon Pie

Keto Salmon Pie is our personal favorite amongst all the Keto-friendly Fish Recipes. It’s filled with a lot of Cheese and we being Cheese Lovers can’t seem to get over it! It’s the perfect Dinner of all the time! While following the keto diet, you sometimes tend to run out of snack options. This is …

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Keto Pasta

Keto Pasta

Keto Pasta is the most delicious keto recipe you can think of. It fits perfectly into your Keto regime and satiates your cravings too. Are you ready for a nutritious keto-friendly pasta? Well here’s the recipe! Go give it a read and reward your taste-buds now! INGREDIENTS 1 cup shredded part-skim low moisture mozzarella cheese …

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Keto Poha

Keto Poha

Poha is dear to many Indians and is one of those dishes that people on the Keto lifestyle tend to miss quite a bit. Do not worry, we are here with the keto version of this loved breakfast staple. Keto poha recipe is made of cauliflower which is just as amazing as the mainstream poha …

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5 Keto Curry Recipes

Keto Vegetable Curry

Who doesn’t love curry? While the following keto we often lean more and more towards eating gravy vegetarian dishes, and this Keto Vegetable Curry will have even meat lovers asking for more. Everyone needs a good vegetable curry recipe in their life. This keto vegan version is a winner guy. Keto Vegetable Curry is full …

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Keto Chicken Tonnato

Keto Chicken Tonnato

Get your keto on with this amazing chicken dish! Fall in love with rich tuna, and fresh basil enveloping savory chicken. It doesn’t get much more Keto-tastic than this! Keto Chicken Tonnato! This moderate-protein, high-fat chicken dinner relies heavily on ingredients you may already have in your pantry. It’s also a keto-friendly meal, but you …

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Lemon Pepper Paneer

Lemon Pepper Paneer

Here is another paneer recipe that you can use to satisfy your hunger for delicious keto-friendly food. Keto lemon pepper paneer is the finest snack you can cook up to satiate your hunger pangs while being on a keto diet. Paneer also known as cottage cheese is salty and creamy and has a unique texture. …

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Keto Chicken Pasta

Keto Chicken Pasta

If you miss the pasta, look no further. Creamy Keto Chicken Pasta is the ultimate comfort food that is easy to make, low carb, and delicious. There is something about the classic combination of fragrant basil, salty Parmesan, and lemon that makes the flavors in a pesto dish sing. Keto Chicken Pasta is ready in under …

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Panee 65

Paneer 65

Paneer 65 is a spicy yet irresistibly delectable munchy prepared by deep-frying spicy paste coated paneer cubes. It has a dry texture and can be served as a starter, appetizer, snack or accompaniment. Unlike paneer Manchurian, paneer 65 does not use soya and chilli sauce to get spiciness; instead, it uses varieties of Indian spices …

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Keto Vegetable Omelet

Keto Vegetable Omelette

This egg-based dish for breakfast leads to a great day start. The hearty Keto vegetable omelet is super healthy, and just takes a few minutes to make! The fresh mushrooms and low-carb vegetables make a delicious filling. And the stuffed omelet is one of our favorite egg dishes. Soufflés in their commonly known state usually …

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Carrot & Cauliflower Pickle

Carrot And Cauliflower Pickle – Vegetarian Keto Recipe

Wondering you will have to give up on your pickle during the keto? Then you are wrong. The quick and easy to make, homemade carrot & cauliflower pickle recipe will surprise you with the lovely crispy Tangy taste you have been craving for. Rich and healthy cauliflower pickle made with salt brine and flavored with …

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Soya Cheese Kebab

Soya Cheese Kebab

Those scrumptious Soya Cheese Kebab which is crispy and delicious are just the right kind of snack to binge on when you’re craving some comfort food while on your keto. It is by far our favorite and quick snack keto recipe made of three easy ingredients, soya, paneer, and cheese. The oh so flavorsome snack …

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Keto Cauliflower Makhani Bites

Keto Cauliflower Makhani Bites – Keto Recipe

Keto cauliflower Makhani bites are dairy-free, vegan, and still purely Keto.  It is packed with full of spices and a big flavor. Here “Makhan” means butter, and this recipe is inspired by butter chicken – though keto cauliflower makhani bites don’t have butter or chicken in the ingredients! The main focus is on the combination …

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Keto Cabbage Stir Fry

Keto Cabbage Stir Fry – Keto Recipe

This colorful keto cabbage stir-fry is not only easy to make but also amazingly tasty. This crunchy delight may become one of your favorite go-to recipes. Consider trying it tonight When you’re stuck preparing your next week’s meal plan and are running out of keto recipe ideas, this keto cabbage stir fry will bring new …

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Keto Mix Vegetable Masala

Keto Recipe – Keto Mix Vegetable Masala

Looking for an instant Vegetarian Keto Recipe? This Keto Mix Vegetable Masala is the perfect replacement for aloo gobi and suitable for any ketogenic diet. This vegan and keto mix vegetable masala is a great meat-free option for Meatless Mondays or whenever you’re filling something lighter. It is packed full of flavor from cumin, ginger, …

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Keto Uttapam

Keto Uttapam

Uttapam AKA Oothapam, a healthy recipe for breakfast from the lands Southern Indian is prepared from a mixture of rice and urad dal. It is a super delightful delicacy loved across all age groups. This is a go-to recipe for people who keep a tab on their diet and avoid eating unhealthy as it is …

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Keto Samosa

Keto Samosa

What is that one desi snack an Indian cannot live without? Yes, you are right. Samosa! Originating from the heart of South Asia this neatly folded, tightly packed with the goodness of savory has acquired an important place in every typical Indian diet. It is a mouth-watering recipe which is a mixture of cereal,  super …

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