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My name Is Sahil Pruthi and I’m the founder of KetoIndia, we are India’s largest Keto Consulting company. I left a career as Product Manager at one of India’s largest Healthcare tech firms to start KetoIndia. We realized that the food isn’t just about the calories that you consume, but also about the macro and micronutrients you get from it, from the hormonal impact that nutrition has on you.
A huge chunk of the Indian is facing chronic issues like weight gain, PCOS, diabetes, thyroid which are because of a pure lifestyle and nutrition – and we at KetoIndia aim to just solve that.
With our panel of certified nutritionists on board, we have been able to help over 10000+ clients from 16 states in India and 25 countries across the globe to not just lose weight, but also help reverse their PCOS(in women), diabetes and thyroid keeping in mind their busy lifestyle, their travel schedule and their work timings.
We can’t wait to get you started!

Sahil Pruthi
Founder, KetoIndia
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Ex Innovaccer | TravelTriangle | Samsung
ISSA Certified Nutritionist


More than 135 million people are overweight.


1 in 10 women have PCOS who are unable to manage their Diet and Stress.

Diabetes Reversed

42 million thyroid patients have no health and well-being provider.


72 million patients struggle with dietary advice and adjustment post-diagnosis.

We Created Keto India

Keto India is India’s largest Ketogenic consulting company that helps clients better manage their weight loss, PCOS, diabetes and thyroid through a personalized Ketogenic diet protocol.

We have helped over 3000 clients in 16 states in India and 25 countries across the globe. At Keto India, We provide:

  • Personalized Care Protocols.
  • Dietary Protocol Recommendation.
  • Lifestyle Changes.

Meet Our Team

Paridhi Kohli - Nutritionist


Nutritionist (M.Sc Foods & Nutrition)

I had seen people struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle all my life and it made me feel the need to make things better. I worked as an Intern for Keto India in 2019 while completing my Masters in Foods and Nutrition. It was during this time that I realized the benefits and the results of Keto diet were something that I had to share with the world. Thus, I joined Keto India and nothing has made me happier than to make people fit everyday.


Nutritionist (M.Sc Dietetics and Food Service Management)

I started my journey as nutritionist in Narayana Healthcare while I was pursuing my masters in Dietetics and food service management in 2018 and worked there for 8 months , then I worked as an intern in Fortis Healthcare for 4 months. Now I’m working with keto India and it’s an immense pleasure to guide people to lose their weight and also keto diet helps with the medical condition like diabetes, Pcos, thyroid and epilepsy. I love helping people to improvise their health and I got this opportunity at keto India.


ACE Certified Nutritionist

I had joined KetoIndia in its early days, and the kind of pace at which I have seen I have seen the company grow at, and the kind of impact that I have been able to bring in the company has been nothing short of phenomenal!


(Product Manager)
Ex Innovaccer | Playsimple Games

I was working at one of India’s largest Healthcare tech firms and was learning a lot but felt I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. I took a break to figure out what I wanted to do. In 2019, I met Sahil and he told me about the 4 P’s why one should join a company: Product: Will I be delivering real value to markets and customers? Potential: Can I achieve Win-Wins, for the company and myself? Purpose: Everyone’s better when something matters to them. People: Machines can do, but only people and teams truly create. I was so impressed with his vision & the team’s passion that I immediately said Yes! when he offered me to work with him.


(Product Manager)
Ex Wells Fargo

I studied Economics for most part of my life. After finishing my masters in Economics, I worked as an Analytic Consultant at Wells Fargo. The job was distant from impact and care. I quit after almost two years and have been working at Keto India in the Product Management team, ever since. This firm knows how to care. I am intrigued everyday at the attention paid to the needs and motivations of the clients as well as the employees. It is exciting to work at a place where people contribute not just because they want to make money, but because they actually want to add value.


(Product Manager)
(MBA-IIM Kozhikode, B.E.-NSIT,)

Having worked in a proper corporate setup before for 3 years, I was eagerly looking for a different culture to work with and I came across an interesting role at Keto India and I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity. It has been the most fun and engaging professional experience for me so far. I was absolutely impressed with the kind of culture and leadership dynamics followed at Keto India.Every day has given me something new and interesting to learn in order to understand how we can create the best product possible for our users.
Akshada Sharma - Health Consultant


Health Consultant

I enrolled with Keto India & lost 11kgs with them. When I transformed, I knew I had to work with these guys. It gives me chills that I’m actually working with the best Healthcare Tech Company in India. The company has accepted me with open arms even when I’m just a Beginner in the industry. A startup like this not only grows itself but also the people working in it grow too and I’m glad to be a part of Team Keto India!

Jatin sharma - Health Consultant


Health Consultant

I came to know about keto India through my friend and I  was so excited about it because it was a startup which is related to fitness and nutrition and from the college days I had a keen interest in it so i thought to give it a shot and guess what it’s really helped me to grow as a person that I am today . I consider myself so lucky that I am a part of this company which is actually making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Sonal bhutani - Health Consultant


Health Consultant

I joined KetoIndia as an intern one year back. I was inclined towards the consulting profile. I love helping people with their diet,  workouts. Watching our clients transform and achieve their fitness goals gives a different kind of happiness. I wanted  to work in a health-tech company and Keto India gave me this opportunity to start my career and learn more about fitness everyday.



Nutritionist (M.Sc Food and Nutrition)

I have done my Bachelor’s with a specialisation in Food and Nutrition from Delhi University and thereafter pursued Master’s in the same field. I have worked in the public health sector with the Nutrition Foundation of India. Looking at the kind of influence and the way Keto India has helped people for conditions beyond weight loss, it feels great to be a part of this company and help people with various medical backgrounds including Diabetes, Thyroid and PCOD.


Nutritionist (M.Sc Food and Nutrition)

I have done my Master’s in Food and Nutrition from Institute of Home Economics Delhi University. I’ve held internships at well-known organisations including PepsiCo. I recently joined Keto India, and it makes me feel incredibly happy to be a part of this group. I am ecstatic to have the opportunity where I counsel patients with various medical conditions and help them reverse their conditions through dietary management.


B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics

I’m a B.Sc graduate with a keen interest in clinical nutrition. It’s only been one month but I feel like I’m a big part of Keto India. Previously I have worked with Breathe Well Being where I learnt to make strong bonds with my patients and because of that even today I’m in touch with them. I like to keep things straight and subtle so due to whatever reason you’ve gained weight, I will give my 100% to get you back on track. Because there is no day to stay unhealthy, let’s hit and burn that fat.


Nutritionist (M.Sc Dietetics and Food Service Management)

As a Nutritionist, working with Keto India has broadened my knowledge and widened my perspective which in turn has given me abundant opportunities to help people tackle their health situation through healthy eating. I have always loved helping people with their diet, workouts and observing their progress and Keto India has just given me that. Being able to fulfil my dream and that too in such a friendly environment makes me love my work even more.


Nutritionist (B.Sc Food & Nutrition)

I have done my Bachelors in Home Science with a specialisation in Food and Nutrition. My passion in this area made me do two more Diplomas; one in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition and another one in Nutrition and Health Education. This enhanced my zeal in this area above and beyond. As a nutritionist working with Keto India, I am able to justify my learnings by helping a plethora of people manage their health conditions through a healthy diet.

We Created Keto India

Keto India is India’s largest Ketogenic consulting company that helps clients better manage their weight loss, PCOS, diabetes and thyroid through a personalized Ketogenic diet protocol.
We have helped over 3000 clients in 16 states in India and 25 countries across the globe.

At Keto India, We provide:

  • Personalized Care
  • Protocols.
  • Dietary Protocol
  • Recommendation.
  • Lifestyle Changes.

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